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 “When summer comes, a must have!”
Beautifully designed from all angles. They are beautiful, in all finishes. They feel so good in your hand as you pick them up you almost don't care whether you have any ice cream in the house or not. And they work wonderfully well, angled for exactly the right scooping process. Gave them as glowing reviews all around. Can't wait for the next utensils they take on and redesign!

Sara - Virginia

I forgot to mention a couple of things. First, the scoop is more like a piece of art, just gorgeous. Second, the packaging is outstanding. I consider Apple to be the absolute best at packaging products and the Belle-V effort rivals that of Apple. A job well done.

RJ - Texas

My wife and I used the Belle-V ice cream scoop for the first time last night on frozen yogurt straight from the freezer. I admit I was pretty skeptical there would be a transformative experience. I figured it would be a decent ice cream scoop, but it is the best scoop I have ever tested! It cut right through and really was effortless... and I have no problem saying it is by far the best out there.

Jim - Illinois

My scoop is being used at Boomer's Drive-In Restaurant. Our carhops scoop a minimum of three 3-gallon tubs of ice cream per shift. On busy days it can be double that. The scoop is universally popular and always in use for its ease on the wrist, heft and solid feel. I need more!!! Thanks for the great product

Christopher - Washington

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