About Us

“La Belle Vie” is French for "the good life." 

We believe that everyone deserves kitchen tools that work beautifully.

The kitchen tools we’re used to using -from prepping to cooking to serving- tend to be either too fancy or too cheap. 
The ‘good stuff’ never leaves its special hiding place, and the 
flimsy spatulas, bendy whisks and clunky bottle openers 
accumulate in the back of drawers, falling apart after a few uses.

We believe that great design should be accessible.

Beautiful design shouldn’t be reserved for luxury goods. It should be woven through our daily lives, bringing 
sparks of enjoyment to routine tasks. Everyday tools should inspire. And they 
can inspire… they just usually don’t.

We believe that form equals function.

We don’t want to be fancy just for the sake of being fancy. Every tool that we make incorporates 
functional enhancements - some significant, some more subtle. Our tools aren’t just pretty objects 
to place on shelves. They’re meant to get dirty. They’ll be the tools you reach for because they 
Consistently. And beautifully. 

We believe in buying and holding.

You’re buying your grandchildren's kitchenware. The cornucopia plates, the blue cornflower-edged casserole dishes, 
the perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet - think about all the treasures you collected from the cooks who 
came before you. What will your kitchen heirs use? (Hopefully it won't be cornucopia themed.) 
Our tools are crafted to last and last. Investment-cast stainless steel, hand-polished, thoughtfully made.

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