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May 22, 2014


Featured on Citizen’s Gallery

the grommet is currently featuring The Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop
   on their Citizen’s Gallery.  
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Real Simple Magazine Thinks We're "Ingenious"

Real Simple magazine recently featured the Belle-V ice cream scoop -- an ingenious product that makes life easier

The Realist section on page 50 of the May Issue says, “A sharp, spade-like edge enables this ergonomic ice cream scoop to glide easily through rock-hard rocky road (no more waiting for it to soften)."

Thank you Real Simple for the kind words and congrats to the other great products featured in the article!

Praise for Belle-V Ice Cream Scoops

We received a nice piece of fan mail today: 
I'm Katy from Boomer's Drive-in. We are not a scoop shop, but we have people prepping milkshakes everyday. This means that each person with a shift must scoop three 3-gallon tubs of vanilla ice-cream. 

From talking to my hops there are a few things that stick out about the scoop:

  1. They hold heat well, which makes a big difference in how quickly one can scoop
  2. The angle that they are at is able to cut the ice cream
  3. The texture is much smoother and builds less callouses on our hands
  4. It lets people put less pressure on their wrists
  5. Very high quality
Thanks Katy!

    Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop Pre-Sale

    Belle-V Kitchen is proud to announce that pre-orders are available via our website,  Customers who pre-order the Belle-V Scoop will receive notification of their shipment via email in May, when manufacturing and quality control processes are complete. Customers who pre-order will not be charged until their order ships. 

    For questions regarding wholesale or retail opportunities, please email 

    Belle-V Taking Pre-Orders

    Since the Belle-V Kickstarter Campaign ended on December 8th, we received lots of emails from folks who missed the chance to get a Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop.  So we decided to connect with BackerKit to give you another chance to order a Scoop.

    ::EDIT:: To  purchase your Belle-V ice cream scoop click here!

    Belle-V Packaging Update

    Belle-V packaging prototypes
    Over the last few months, we’ve been exploring what packaging experience best complements the scoop. The team at LUNAR has put thoughtful intention into the design of the package – continuing to keep the main focus on the scoop itself as the hero of the Belle-V brand experience. With that in mind, we have kept our packaging to a minimum and have infused the right balance of functional elegance into the experience. Below are a few samples of our early prototypes. Although there's plenty of tweaking left to do, we are excited by the overall direction and wanted to share with our friends at Kickstarter. Drop us a comment or “like” it above.

    You're Invited to the Belle-V Ice Cream Social!

    The Belle-V Scoop at the New West Coast Design 2 exhibit at the Museum of Craft & Design

    We are proud to announce that the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop is now on display at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco!

    Our very own ice cream scoop is currently featured at the Museum of Craft and Design for their New West Coast Design 2 exhibit that runs through January 5th. The installation focuses on the design process and shows the Belle-V ice cream scoop from conception to completion. 

    To celebrate our inclusion in this exhibition, Belle-V Kitchen will host an Ice Cream Social from 1pm - 5pm on Sunday, Nov. 24th.  If you plan to be in San Francisco that day, please come view the exhibit, see the Belle-V Scoop in action and enjoy some ice cream on us.

    Admission for museum members is free.  General admission is $8, Seniors and students are $6 and children ages 12 and under are free.

    For more information on the museum or the exhibit, go to the Museum of Craft & Design's website -